About Us

Trivana Homes is a company that is serious about quality, building experience and our commitment to the customer when constructing a new project. We are dedicated to providing a service that exceeds the goals of every client due to our attention to detail, highly qualified project team and our belief that every job need to be done right, right from the start.

In three words we can sum up our commitment to you: Craftsmanship, Quality and Value.

Craftsmanship – with over 50 years of combined industry experience, we bring knowledge, high quality trade partnerships built through hard work, integrity and honesty, to your project.  We know what to look for in a trade partner to ensure excellence, timeliness, superior service and a trustworthy customer experience.

Quality – As engineers, experienced constructors and businessmen, our eye for detail and expectation for excellence permeates all aspects of our business.  This starts with our initial visit then carries all the way through to project delivery and warranty.  We’re honest; we plan and schedule, then go the extra mile for every customer.

Value – Extensive engineering knowledge and valuable direction from Real Estate partners is just the beginning of the expert value we bring to our clients. With a perspective from both these points of view we have a unique ability to create solutions that are functional, practical and economical. On every project you get one of Trivana’s owners as your project manager who is an experienced engineer and will use his years of working knowledge to progress the build to success every time.  We present transparent project costs, broken down into work elements and our mark-up is there for you to see so you will always know exactly where every penny of your money is going.

Our Core Values

Not only do we strive to be the best, we also strive to be the company you recommend to your friends and family.  We work to a different goal, one that includes loyalty, full disclosure, transparency and an unrivalled relationship.  We select our clients like we build our trade and supplier partnerships making loyal relationships that we enjoy for a long time.  We offer experience, senior engineers, planning and unparalleled honesty.  Many companies can provide a quality product, many will claim experience, but when you are spending large sums of money, you need to make sure you are working with a company that defines integrity.

We bring extensive design, planning and scheduling experience.  We believe that a successful project starts with a design and a plan.  Maybe that’s just the engineer in us speaking, or maybe it’s just the right way to start.  We offer construction expertise, with over 3000 residential projects to back that up.  We insist upon routine inspections with our clients to support progress payments and to make sure the utmost in customer service is provided.  We offer a warranty and continued customer service that is inherent with a great relationship.  We work hard at building your trust through transparency with all costs, inspections and an owner that can be reached at all times.  When you work this hard at building a relationship of trust and expertise, why let that go when the project is complete.  We are committed to be your advisor for everything building, real estate and service!