Trivana Questions

Who is Trivana?

  • Trivana is a unique construction experience based on fiduciary duty, industry experience, risk management, and great relationships.
  • We offer the highest quality Integrity, honesty, loyalty, complete transparency, full disclosure, project managers are Engineers, provide CAD drawings, engineering designs, provide interior designers, proper planning and scheduling and hand selected trade partnerships.

Why are you different as a company?

  • Trivana brings a higher level technical professionalism than anyone in the industry. Our ownership group consists of 2 qualified Structural Engineers and years of combined industry and business experience. Looking at projects through a Project Management lens, taking into account true risk mitigation and project execution techniques limits project surprises and gives our clients the peace of mind of an on-budget, on-time project, EVERY time.

What type of projects do you do?

  • Our core business includes full and large-scale home renovations, new custom homes, additions, structural changes and improvements.
  • Scope is $50K to $5M
  • Additions, extensions, new builds, custom renovations, second stories, steel buildings (retail).

What are the benefits of building/renovating with you?

  • Craftsmanship – with over 50 years of combined industry experience, our trade relationships, in some cases, span decades. We know what to look for in trade-partners to ensure a quality projects for our clients and a trustworthy customer experience.
  • Quality – Being Engineers, our eye for detail and expectation for excellence permeates all aspects of our business. This starts with our initial customer visit and carries through all the way to project delivery. We’re on time, we’re honest, and we go the extra mile for our customers.
  • Value – Built in Engineering and Real Estate Support is just the beginning of the value we bring to our clients. On all of our projects you get one of our owners as a project manager, which means we will always do what’s best for our clients as it’s a direct reflection on our business. Also, our pricing is always transparent, costs are broken down by project element and our mark-up is there for you to see, plain as day – you always know exactly
  • Integrity, transparency

Why is your experience/engineering background so important?


How can it keep a project on time/budget?

  • By meticulous planning, scheduling, monthly progress draws and excellent communication (one person as a point of contact to call when construction starts )

How do you price your renovations/builds?

  • Our profit margin is always communicated to our clients so it is fully understood exactly where there money is going. We also work in a monthly progress draw payment system – payments are predictable, honest, and you only pay for work that is complete and materials that are ordered limiting your risk as a homeowner.

Renovation Questions

I read I should run my hardwood boards across floor joists, can I run my hardwood board’s front to back?

  • Most manufacturers mandate that boards run across floor joists as this will minimize board movement as a house settles or moves. We must remember, a house is a combination of many materials, sitting normally on concrete in a hole that has been excavated. Materials expand and contract at different rates and soils compact at different moisture contents. Even older homes continue to move of course, with exposure to the elements. Always check with your flooring manufacturer as to their requirements.

How do I choose my renovation company?

  • Choosing a company to build a relationship with that understands your vision and always keeps in the forefront your budget constraints is difficult. Don’t just rely on price, the lowest price is rarely the right decision. Ask first for the credentials of the person that is going to manage your project. Don’t just accept experience, but ask for education and training. Years of experience doesn’t mean anything if they don’t know what they are doing. Ask for references, not just previous work, but from the trade and supplier network they use. Ask for copies of their insurance, WCB coverage, bonding and permits. Ask to see their Service Alberta permit allowing them to take a deposit. Finally, make sure they are in good standing in the city in which they work, are they licensed.

I am very worried about how to pay my renovator, he wants 50% up front. What can I do?

  • You have lots of choices, first, never use anyone that wants 50% of your money up front. Do not give any deposit money to any company until they produce the bonding and permits required by Service Alberta. Never provide more than 20% up front. Throughout the project, your renovation company may require funds to pay trades and suppliers. This is acceptable as long as they demonstrate progress. Never pay for more work than you see, ask for a progress inspection before handing over another cheque. Your renovator can show you proof of material orders if you require as well.

I have chosen a renovation company, but they do not provide much on paper. They do not have a contract, their estimate is brief, I wish there was a scope of work, maybe even a schedule? Should I ask for more and disappoint them or just rely on their experience?

  • Two words, “written contracts”! Never work with a company that cannot start the project correctly with a written contract that includes a scope of work, your estimate or proposal, payment terms and how to stop work if you do not like what you see. How to solve disputes would be nice. Experience means nothing when the workmanship is poor, they want more money or no one is on site working. Write everything down, and have it signed by both sides at all times before starting!

My home is not new, can I heat my floors in the basement?

  • Absolutely, there are several ways to heat floors. There are three preferred ways. One is put down a subfloor, or underlay under your flooring material. This insulates or in some cases traps air to aid in the insulation. Insulation keeps down the cold provided by the concrete, allowing for a warmer finished floor surface. Two, is hydronic, or water. A combination of hot water tank and plastic pipe loops circulates warm or hot water under your flooring, providing a surprising amount of warmth to not only the floor but the room. Finally, there are excellent electric systems that can be installed. These are wire systems installed under your flooring that warm through the use of temperature controls. In all cases review systems with your flooring supplier, finish floor materials mandate which system is to be used.

I have an old basement with old wood paneling, the stuff from the 70’s, the 12 x 12 ceiling tiles that were used, etc. How do I determine what can stay, what has to go, what is behind the walls?

  • First off, do not destroy any of the old materials. You may wish to look at coatings, paint or just covering them over. Ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, etc. may contain small amounts of asbestos, they need to be removed properly. Do not worry, asbestos does not become airborne until tiles or insulation is tampered with or broken up. Have a qualified renovation company come to your home to meet with you to discuss what your vision is, what can be done and what materials need to go. Pulling off some wood paneling may be required to see behind the wall. In all instances, do not pay for the visit or the proposal, this should be provided at no cost and no obligation.

How much disruption can I expect from a renovation?

  • A renovation is a dust storm, so try to keep up with it even if it seems like a losing battle. It helps to de-clutter and remove, or cover with plastic, anything that might get damaged by the dust. One way to ensure the success of your project is to plan for, and participate in, a pre-construction meeting. This allows your renovation company to clarify procedures and explain how the job will progress. It also offers both you and your renovation company an opportunity to prepare for these issues that may arise later.

How long does it take on average to build a new home? Can it be sped up if I need it to?

  • A new home may take about 250 days. You do not want to speed it up, you want it built properly.

Do you provide any plans for a new home or do I need an architect?

  • We will provide a designer to draw your floor plans, both existing and planned renovation. We provide an interior designer to help with selections and colours, to guide you through your vision of what you want to build or renovate.

What guarantees and warranties do you provide?

  • We provide a common sense warranty, a year for everything! Appliance warranties are separate of course, but you have our number. We want you to recommend us to your friends and our customer service is paramount to our success. Try it, call us!